For those who don’t believe and question the real effects of global warming, just appreciate everything around you and don’t waste anything. It’s not only the environmentalists that should be concerned on this issue but it should a global effort. If each and every one of us move to prevent this life-threatening scenario, the earth will still be safe to live on for the next generations. The earth is the only planet that can sustain life in the entire universe, so we better act now and care for our environment before unexpected, nature-revenge disasters happen.


·        Clean water becomes scarcer and scarcer everyday until 2025 when it’ll become a rare commodity. The excessive surface and groundwater extraction and contamination, plus the lack in system of sanitation lead to the scarcity of the world’s most important necessity in the next 20 yrs. Water is life, but it seems our life is in near danger as reservoirs of freshwater around the world run out ass time goes by. If we continue to ignore a simple leak on our faucets, it would definitely have a great impact on the availability of water in the near future.


·        The rapid globalization contributes more than any reasons human can think of why global warming worsens these past few decades. It is said to be started from the beginning of the industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is indeed a great advantage for the human race to have this kind of breakthrough. Machines and technologies made it easier for men to their work and their lives better. But they don’t know the real effects of these sciences. The impacts are at most on the environment, specifically in changing the world’s atmospheric conditions and compositions.


·        Smoke belching is one of the leading causes of the increasing amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that immediately leads to greenhouse effect, which is considered as the root of global warming. Also, carbon monoxide from automobiles and industrial emissions is also considered as a greenhouse gas that can contribute indirectly to global warming. The excessive presence of these in the atmosphere trapped the excess sunlight. Because of this condition, the ultraviolet rays from the sun, most commonly the UVB rays are prevented to escape causing the earth to increase in temperature. Although CO2 are used by plants for photosynthesis, based on the carbon cycle, due to its large amount, more and more carbons stay on the air for a period of time.


·        But carbon is just one of many chemical now present in the atmosphere. Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) also attributes in the ‘hot feeling’. This compound helps other substances in the air to initiate temperature increase. These chemicals come from factories and are released into the atmosphere. Another is the co called CFC or the Chlorofluorocarbons. Some household chemicals like aerosols and furniture sprays that contain these toxic substances are now banned. When you use a furniture spray, for example, it releases CFC’s to the surroundings until it reaches the troposphere. Due to its toxicity, it gradually damages the ozone layer and eventually makes this layer thin until it totally bores a hole. The ozone layer serves as filter of o much sunlight that can damage the skin. As of now, it has a hole as large as Asia. Less usage of these matters makes the environment less harmed. The moment we realized its not better for the environment, despite the fact that it helps a lot in our living necessities, it’s too hard to stop what was started to use and inform the people of its negative effects.


·        The black smoke released by automobiles is as harmful as bomb attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The actuality that if it reaches the atmosphere, we are more dangerous now of the noxious elements than before where there are no cars.  If we could only see those diatomic CO molecules traveling upwards, we can see millions of millions of them covering the earth preventing sunlight to bounce back and escape the planet. It is evident in some countries, which has banned smoke-belching cars, that they have relatively lower amounts of greenhouse gases in the air; an example of this is the China as part of their preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games.


·        Extreme heat maybe difficult for humans, but its harder for the environment, specifically on the plants and animals. The effects are now being experienced by all of the countries in the world. Amazon River, known for its numerous animal and plant species, is now drying up because of very high temperature. Some animals there are now endangered of losing their niche. Because of the increasing temperature, amounts of planktons are affected and lessening due to their insusceptibility in a hot environment. As a result, sea creatures don’t have enough food to eat. Some animals in Africa suffered and died because of heat stroke. Polar bear are now threatened to lose their habitat as floating icebergs and ice sheets slowly melt under the intense heat of the sun. Plants also can’t survive with this unusual situation, more and more plants are now dying in the tropics where they can’t get water due to El Niño. In general, the food chain and food web is affected by the global warming phenomenon. The ecological balance of the natural world that actually relies on the presence of plants and animals is degraded.


These are just preliminary evidences of the causation of the global temperature increase. This may not give you an idea about the great impacts, but as we go further beyond time, we will then realize its devastating consequences not only to the environment but also to the human race. I have not mentioned here some of the possible outcomes like the relationship of global warming to emerging diseases, population growth, coastal erosion on seaside communities, among many, many others.


It could be a fallacy to blame global warming for the harmful effects that is obviously happening in the surroundings without naming other potential factors. But this is more of an environmental dilemma and I think it is somewhat better if we could attribute it first to global warming than any other reasons ‘coz it has the biggest impacts in nature.