Filipinos can now use their power in using the internet by participating in the ongoing tallying of online votes for the new 7 wonders of nature.

as of sept 28 ’08, 7:00pm, 4 of our natural sites entered the top 15 of the live ranking of 77 nominees. these are

puerto princesa subterranean river national park in palawan (rank 1);

tubbataha reefs in palawan (rank 4);

chocolate hills of bohol (rank 5);

and the mayon volcano in albay (rank 11).

you can cast your votes at

the top 21 will be eligible for voting of the final 7.

saving our natural wonders and proving that the philippines is a haven of natural resources and a ‘megabiodiversed’ country is just a click away.

now, i hope this would not be a waste of time for you.

these four have finally barged in the top ten again!

it’s now or never…

pls cooperate, thanks.