After exposing worldwide viewers to the consequences of climate change of ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘Eleventh Hour’, GMA network started a breakthrough in Philippine television when it released early this year a documentary regarding issues of global warming entitled ‘Signos: Ang Banta ng Nagbabagong Klima’, narrated by Richard Gutierrez, with reports from Howie Severino, Maki Pulido and Raffy Tima. And there it is, the consensus of most Filipino scientists believe that the Philippines is at the forefront of this environmental crisis.




Last year, I think it was mid-July, Tullahan Bridge which connects Malabon and Valenzuela collapsed following a heavy rain.  And it was not solely about the cracks on the bridge, for it was built many years ago, but because of garbage. When the typhoon came in Metro Manila, it produced vast floods in many areas including the CaMaNaVa district. This area always experiences flood because of below-sea-level land, inefficient drainage systems causing garbage to clog. As a result, bulks of trash, together with the extreme flood due to continuous rainfall, hit the low-lying connection and broke it apart. The next day, vehicles going in and out of Valenzuela were stranded. They built 2 footbridges at the sides so commuters can pass through. Since then, I really had a bad time walking almost 2kms just to take a bus and go to school. If you ask how much wastes could be enough to smash a bridge, try to see the places around Tullahan, and realize that it’s not hard. This is mainly because of throwing and dumping garbage in the river’s vicinity. If you walk around, you will encounter streets always have trash around theirs corners. People still put their litters even if they see mounts of them. It happens everyday, since the bridge broke until the new one if built. It’s almost a year but people tend to ignore. Everyday, as the bus I’m riding passes the bridge; I always notice that there are still junks floating in the river or stacked up on the side. It’s just disappointing to think that those people near the rivers don’t know how to dispose their wastes properly.

 tullahan bridge when it collapsed

One doesn’t need to watch documentaries like Signos for him to understand and realize what global warming is all about. But this would give a little help of disseminating information to the people. After watching this film, I realized that residents’ discipline is still a prerequisite for preventing global warming. Being responsible of what you are doing and contributing to the environment is good to know, this will make you realize of the larger impacts as a whole.


You could make big change out of small things. We can downgrade the rapid increasing of global temperature. Aside from the little things Richard said, there are also minor things you could accomplish on your own. Avoid using too much plastic and styrofoams. Have you realized that using straws is useless? You are just adding another non-biodegradable waste in the environment. And as UP Haring Ibon member, I’m expected to make a stand for nature. Why not join an environmental organization? I’m not inviting you to join UP HI, but this is also a good step for contributing good examples for our planet. Moreover, making advocacies pro for the environment lessen harmful effects in the surroundings. There are several options that require effort and sacrifice, consuming less meat means less emission of carbon dioxides in the atmosphere, according to some vegetarians. See, it doesn’t force a person to make a big action to sustain a living planet; it’s a matter of choice and knowing its outcomes. All you have to do is make a move, for the better and not for worst.




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