why do people tend to wear their best suits in an occasion?


sabi nga nila ‘dress to impress’.. but most people who call themselves as ‘fashionistas’ overact! and for now, what is in is putting on a colored checkered skinny jeans! you can see it almost everywhere right? They wear it with their favorite shirt together with the new hip, a candy-colored printed jacket. if they can only see their selves from afar, they would look all the same! *sigh*…don’t they notice how they look similar? only colors differ


i myself wanted to buy those printed sweaters, but I suddenly realized that i will be one of those crap..so bad.


it’s not fashion (that’s what i think); for girls wearing those clothes with the uneasy tight feeling and for men wearing the same sets!(?) most will say it’s when you’re comfortable, but still, it depends. One can be comfortable wearing big shirts and that loses being in fashion. As long as you are comfortable and at the same time wearing your best confidence, then clothes will be just accessories.


i’m not being bitter nor intend to offend those people who possessed those kinds of get-ups, i’m just amazed, and confused maybe.


hmmm…what’s gonna be ‘in’ for 2009? we will see what would it be, and that will be obvious with the way most people want to display themselves. how I wish, new apparels shouldn’t be exaggerated nor being an eye –sore.