The most tiring, sleepless, brain-drained sem I’ve ever had in my three years in college.

But as they say, this is just the beginning.

Third year starts it all, the most chaotic subjects, kind but demanding profs, and busy days and hectic schedules.


For the past 3 weeks before 2nd sem ends, I had 9 exams, fieldwork reports and relief model and 1 ‘docu’ project.


March 18 – ce131 2nd exam

March 21 – es12 4th exam

March 23 – es13 5th exam and ce21 4th exam

March 25 – deadline of the ‘docu’ project in ce131

March 26 – ge12 5th exam

March 30 – es13 and ce21 final exams

April 2 – deadline of relief of terrain model, fieldwork reports and notebook in ge12

April 3  –  ge12 final exam

and lastly, April 4 – final exam in es12.


I really thought I could not finish all the requirements in time, it is indeed, I passed my field notebook a day after the deadline. And the consequence, there is a 20% deduction in the final exam. Saklap!


Pakshet naubusan na ako ng English!


Worth naman, dahil may naipasa na akong 2 out of 5 subjects (ce131 and es13) as of the moment. At least I’ve proven myself to the es and ce departments, in case mag 24-unit rule man ako * wink*. Though meron akong isang sobrang alanganing major, which is napabayaan ko dahil sa ibang subject at sa aking pa-banjing-banjing na ginawa.


Hay,,,haha I love being tamad sa una, dahil pressured akong galingan sa huli, which is not a good trait for me. marameng nasasakripisyo, pati ang tulog ko. At the same time, marameng news about stressed UP students na namatay dahil sa ‘acads’, nagalit tuloy nanay ko sa ken.


It’s been a not-so-good but rewarding sem para sa akin, marameng realizations na naganap (bago magaral)


And my next assignment, summer classes! (before moving on to a more challenging fourth year). Haaaayyyyy.