this is a true story. i hope you would not find it funny or consider as a joke.

lately, i have been experiencing difficulty in viewing or sighting things clearly. some objects look blurred. there are instances that make my eyes teary and itchy. i cannot fairly see jeepney signboards at night. i cannot read a book unless it’s less than half a foot away from my face. i cannot easily recognize acquaintances on streets. and the worst, i experience mild headaches.

and so, my mom gets worried, as much as i am.

last on march 8, it was 9am, we went to a clinic. after taking some examinations, the general practitioner asked me questions regarding my reading habits. he told me that it is not for me to read on poor light, spend much time in front of a tv or computer and without having enough sleep. these factors triggered mainly with my sickness. he advised me to avoid things that could worsen my sufferings. he also asked my mom, and found out that we have the same sort of recurring roots of this illness. so, he presumed it as hereditary. he revealed that this condition could be prevented with preliminary remedy. he showed us an illustration on how this condition works. he explained that the cornea undergoes refractive error that resuls to the imperfection of the eye’s curvature which causes blurred or distorted vision.

 and then, silence took place. my mom was completely speechless. i told the doctor to clarify things, everything appear so ambiguous. afterwards, he told us what was that all about.


 i was diagnosed with ASTIGMATISM.

so, guys if you see me wearing eyeglasses, just bear with me. it should be taken seriously ’cause it’s for my own goodness.