i don’t know what to expect from a mentally-healthy person like me. should other people protest against this, i am a normal person. but i just don’t understand how i can’t manage things in their right manner,  on the right place, at the right time. i hate being sabaw, i mean, being sabaw for a day. from the time i woke up, til before i laid down, sabaw moments came in one by one.

in the morning.

my mom asked me to boil eggs for her recipe. after 10 mins, i gave her scrambled eggs, with onions! so, i have to go back to the kitchen to boil eggs. i decided to cook yakisoba as brunch. but as i’m pouring the seasoning, i remembered that i did not drain the water! damn. idol na kita jeff. i planned to watch tv before noon, but i found myself listening to max fm, and had lss on ‘if you seek amy’. my mom was just staring at me strangely, and i don’t know why.

lunchtime to afternoon.

i still kept on singing ‘if you seek amy’. my mom asked me why, sabi ko, ‘ah, naalala ko lang si aling amy sa marikina’…haha palusot pa. la la la la la la la la  la la la la la la la la.:d i insisted mom to buy albatross for our newly-cleaned bathroom (ehem…). she told me to do so, so i went to sm val. (un)luckily, i went home with a pair of slippers, safeguard, and shuttlecocks. hmm… haha! a customer asked for water, without giving much attention to him (dahil nakakaasar sya at napaka-demanding,) i gave him an extra rice! yun yung narinig ko eh, bakit ba.


my mom told me to wash the dishes, so inayos ko na lang yung mga lamesa at mga pinagkainan. ayoko ngang maghugas ng plato, kadiri. and the worst of all these pakshet kasabawan, i put facial scrub on my toothbrush. instead of the toothpaste tube, i realized that it was the facial scrub that i was squeezing.

how these things happen, is also a mystery for me. i am trying to be normal all the time, but subconsciously, sabaw na lang ako palagi. dahil ba ‘to sa hindi ko na pagkain ng karne at kanin lately (yihee..haha)? or my brain is left hanging after nakakaburyong dull moments in our house this summer? or is it natural!? tsktsk, pakshet.