this is a series of four simple trick questions, represent human values and perspectives. do not scroll down and peek for the answers, unless you’ve done guessing. or you’ll find yourselves fooling around…


1. how can you fit a giraffe into a refrigerator?

2. how can you fit an elephant into the same refrigerator?

3. the lion set a meeting for all the animals of the jungle, which animal is absent in their conference?


4. how can you cross a river (without a bridge) full of crocodiles?








































1. open the refrigerator, put the giraffe in, and close the door.

(don’t make things too complicated for you to understand what is being asked, and give your pertinent solution. and besides, the question doesn’t mention how big the ref is.)

2. you just have to take the giraffe out, then put the elephant in.

 (it reflects your character as a solution-seeker and not to give up easily. it shows how you react on problems you didn’t expect to come out.)

3. the elephant definitely doesn’t come, because he’s still in the ref. remember?

 (this test your memory span. think first before you present any irrelevant answers)

4. the best way is to swim.

 (you don’t remember about the meeting in the jungle, do you? the crocodiles can’t guard the river, because they’re in the assembly. well, the most important thing, learn from your mistakes)