this is not about nene. most especially, this is not about aling dionesia either…

it’s CE 14, or what we, civil engineering majors, usually call as KATORSE. this is my last exam for the year 2009!!! and now, i’m back with vengeance!

i can now do whatever i want: finish reading PANAMA, a novel; jog for the next 5 days; eat 2 heavy meals and 4 snacks on time; get an 8-hr sleep, twice a day; at tumambay. namiss ko rin ang pagtambay sa tambayan (malamang :])

at ang pagiging acad mode this week dahil sa tatlong miserableng exams ay at last tapos na. next is vacation mode…!!!! whoohoooh! (at least pag natapos ko na ang isang mx sa hardcore programming na major namen, hi sir!:D)

hello engg week!

hello lantern parade!

hello christmas vacation!!!