June 24 will always be a memorable day for me.

But June 24, 2011 is a lot more unforgettable than ever.

The day started with the suspension of classes. Announcements flooded my inbox at around 8am. Luckily, I wasn’t that excited to get ready for my 7am class; because I need at least 2 hours to go through the rituals of going to school.

However, I had to go to Eastwood City, Libis at 10am to submit my schedule of classes as a final requirement for my application in a certain company. Despite the exams and interviews I’ve undergone for the past month, my sched did not fit the available work shifts. If they only told me about the shifts beforehand, I wouldn’t have exerted my time and effort going against the heavy downpour yesterday. And so I decided to stop by in UP.

I was actually planning to go to the library yesterday (since the government offices were also suspended, the library was closed), have lunch with friends, looking forward to seeing them. And because of the weather condition, the only person available that time was Marky. After eating at Sefali, we then parted ways. On my way home, there was something bothering me. I was trying to figure what it could be. Then I realized, I was longing for everyone, everything: the tambayan, the after-school training and my friends. These were the things I desired yesterday, really.

When I finally got home, I realized I forgot to buy my favorite pastime: Tanduay Ice (commercial: “it’s so good, you’ll get hooked.”:D). I shared this to a friend, and she texted back, ‘that sounded so emoshit!’. It’s not emo in whatever way. I just enjoy drinking (and getting tipsy) alone. Hahaha.

My cousins and I watched a movie, CJ7. Enjoying it in the cold weather with a hot choco drink and lots of tinapay was so good. I mean the best.

Then Marky suggested to have ‘e-numan’. At first, it thought it was sabaw,  that I did not grasp what it actually meant. I went to a nearby grocery and grabbed what I was craving for, and some ingredients for our dinner. I bought 4 bottles of Tanduay Ice, and yes, 4 bottles. During dinner, I was in fact drinking the first bottle. I didn’t know if it was already the e-numan session while texting Marky (apparently, he was also drinking in his room. :D).

The rain fell hardly again at 10pm; I was in my 3rd bottle. Everything was fine. I was little tipsy that time and no one in the house noticed I was drinking Tanduay Ice the whole time. Then a knock on the door broke our enjoyment. A neighbor, a bantay-bayan I guess, told us to prepare and pack some of our things as the nearby river started to overflow. Shit. That was my first experience actually. We started to bag some clothes, food and other necessities. My concern was my books, and the last bottle of my booze. 😀 We were told to gather in the chapel, an elevated part of the subdivision. People were flocking on the streets despite the rain. I’m wondering why they’re there. Maybe they were waiting for the worst time to arrive or a progress perhaps. After an hour, the rain finally stopped. The people were calmer; some are going back to their homes from the church. Then, my youngest cousin asked, ‘bakit pa tayo nagligpit ng gamit, wala naming nangyari?’. Hahaha. Forgiven. He’s only grade 4. Nothing is more important in his mind aside from watching tv. 😀


Well, that was what happened last night: a little ‘emoshit’; a little bangag moments; and a little panicking. Nothing unprecedented took place.

And, belated happy birthday to me. 😀