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random thinking

they look like a colony of ants from afar 😀

there are three things that came into my mind when i saw this.

number one. aside from being anti-social, the guy on the stairs is simply rare. these types of people are somehow special and has a world of their own. i’m not referring to those who have psychiatric/psychological problems. they are the ones who are certainly different from others. he must have been in a hurry, so he took the stairs instead of the escalator. this also proves that he thinks fast and reacts to situations that require critical-but-streetsmart decisions.

number two. see those people piling up, waiting for their turns to step on the escalator?? this shows how overpopulated our world now. the setting must be in a mall; just imagine how these people flock to these public places especially during 3-day sale or holidays!!! one thing more, unlike the man on the stairs, the people who used the escalator do not respond and think fast. the person/s in front of the line should have hurried because the pile is getting longer and longer and longer behind his back. also, the people should have learned that there is a probability that more people will use the escalator since it’s much more convenient than the stairs; and yet they still chose the escalator to go up.

lastly. which is greener? the stairs or the escalator?? the escalator, for this instance, will use more work than normal because of its increased capacity due to these lazy people riding on it. thus, this will also use much electricity. going up using the stairs is also a simple way to stretch those laid-back muscles of yours before it’s too late you realized you’re getting fat.

so that’s it. a picture paints a thousand words. and those are just my intuition and observations.

P.S. i want to know what you think of this graphic, which i got from really. that’s how random thinking works and stimulates your brain. type it in the comments box. 😀


the Icon of Reinvention

nanaig ang kaDILIMAN

”..and still..”

everyone went wild as host Boom Gonzales said these magic words  as he announced the champions in the 2011 UAAP Cheerdance Competition: the UP PEP SQUAD.

Congrats to all the  UP Pep Squad dancers and drummers, coaches, alumni, their family, avid supporters and friends, fellow Iskos and Iskas, and to all the believers of the best cheerleading team in the country!