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this crystalline building serves as a studio and workplace for students at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology. the structure is assembled using glass panels to provide daylight. an amazing light-filled glass studio that is energy efficient and aesthetically sound. 

in the perspective of the engineers and architects, this may be a breakthrough, a spectacular infrastructure.

ang problema, sana walang birds na mabunggo dito accidentally dahil sa reflection ng trees sa glass panels tulad ng nangyari sa Philippine Cuckoo na namatay sa pagkakabunggo sa salamin sa CAL building.


After ng Candaba, ngayon na lang ako ulit nakapag-birdwatching. Exciting pa rin. Di man naming nakita ang hinahanap naming Oriental Cuckoo at Black-naped Oriole.

an uncommon migrant in UP Diliman: oriental cuckoo

ang mailap na black-naped oriole

nakakita naman kami ng Philippine Woodpecker.

nawala ang dismaya namin ng makita namin to, Philippine Woodpecker 😀

Marami pa kaming na-spot-an tulad ng Golden-bellied Flyeater, Yellow-vented Bulbul at Brown Shrike sa isang puno ng Balete sa left side ng amphitheater.

ang maliliit na golden-bellied flyeater

the small predator, Brown Shrike

my lifebird: yellow-vented bulbul 😀

At syempre di rin mawawala ang mga Pied Fantail at Eurasian Tree Sparrows aka maya. Kewl. Meron ding 2 bird species sa may beta way na di naming ma-identify ni Marky kung anong ibon sila, kung Little Pied Flycatcher ba or hindi at isang black and white na small-sized bird na nakatayo sa isang sanga ng puno few meters away from the walkway. May nakita rin kaming isang malaking white na bird na lumilipad sa himpapawid, sa may Quezon Hall, at di namin makita ng maayos kung ano sya (egret?).

pied fantail

Eurasian tree sparrow aka MAYA :p

little pied flycatcher

Ang fail ko lang dahil di pa ako masyado nakaka-distinguish ng ibon from afar at mga huni nila. Pero I think this is the start! Yeah! Bukas ulit!!! 😀

my dream car: MAZDA KIYORA

the spectacular MAZDA KIYORA is one of the concept car technologies produced by Mazda Japan and Mazda Europe.

it was march 29 then. it was actually a depressing day after a depressing final exam in a depressing subject under my thesis adviser. haaayyy talaga! well it’s not the subject’s fault nor my adviser’s. kulang lang talaga ang inilaan kong oras para mag-aral. ayun, sabaw na exam; and its 50% of our final grade. tsk tsk tsk.

teka, di ito tungkol sa acads stuff, this is about that epic night. the night na first time kong malasing technically, after 20 years of my life. 😀

at don ko rin napatunayan ang sinasabi ng mga friends ko sa mga nararamdaman at narerealize nila while they’re drunk. dahil na rin kasi yan sa mahilig akong sumama sa inuman kahit di naman talaga ako umiinom. at dumating ang araw na pinakahihintay ko: ang mapatunayan sa sarili ko ang mga bagay na yun.

una. kahit na nakainom ka na ng marami, may control ka pa sa mga nasasabi at nararamdaman mo pero sobrang baba na ng EQ mo.

pangalawa. habang gising ka pa at mulat pa ang iyong mga mata, alam mo pa rin kung ano ang mga ginagawa mo, mga nangyayari sa paligid mo at kung sino ang mga nakakainteract mo. kaya yung mga nagsasabi dyan na wala na silang naaalala, given na gising pa sila syempre, na’kow! i doubt. meron pa rin yan kahit papaano.

ikatlo. totoo pala yung feeling ng nasusuka dahil sa alak, tipong masakit sa ulo at naduduwal. akala ko joke lang yun. hahaha 😀

pang-apat. depende sa alak na ininom mo yung hangover na makukuha mo the next day. tsk tsk, kahit pala masarap yung ibang alam, malakas pa rin ang tama kahit 24 hours na ang lumipas.

fifth. (ayon kay Celine Ocampo Siy) mas naarticulate mo at mas may lakas ka ng loob sabihin ang mga bagay-bagay kapag lasing ka. yun nga lang hinay hinay ka dahil baka kung ano ang mabunyag. 😀 kaya pala eto ang ginagawang way ng iba para makapagtapat. na’kow! :p

at panghuli. HINDI SAGOT SA PROBLEMA ANG ALAK! after mong malasing, nandyan pa rin yang problema mo. hindi yan mareresolve sa paginom-inom lang. tsk tsk.

A public lecture on sustainable energy resources

Speaker: Dr. Fred Schlacter,  Lawrence Berkeley Material Laboratory

March 25, 2010; 10:00-11:00 am; College of Science Auditorium

This forum basically talks on issues regarding sustainable energy future in application to transportation. The main implication of the discussion is the search for renewable and sustainable energy resources to fuel our cars. The speaker, Dr. Fred Schlacter, a physicist, emphasizes the need to tap natural and sustainable energy sources instead of the conventional, non-renewable fossil fuels used for the transportation in most countries.

Major issues have been raised. Transportation and industrial sectors have been the primary reasons why we extract petroleum products beneath the earth’s surface. And this, eventually, becomes a necessity. The demand for energy to power up vehicles and equipments, to provide services and manufacture goods for the entire population, is increasing. What has been stressed by the lecturer, much emphasized by our own scientists in the country, is that we are now in the peak era of fossil fuel consumption. If the trend continues, oil supply rapidly decreases, as it will totally run out in the near future. Economically speaking, as this supply declines, up next is increasing fuel costs. Moreover, as we’ve seen in the past few years, this causes global financial instability. I may not know these things perfectly and with sufficient knowledge but I can state a simple reason why is this happening. Admit it, WE NEED ENERGY. I mean in this modern age, energy, specifically electricity, is becoming essential in our daily living. From the transmission lines of MRT up to the power needed by your laptop while charging, you can barely survive without it. And as we need (or ‘want’ perhaps), we have to import petroleum products to fuel our industries and infrastructures. Importation of oil is about lots of money. Rich countries in power, USA for example, who is among the top energy users in the world as Dr. Schlacter always claims during his lecture, will take over and strive harder to get their share. And so, economic threat will arise and hoarding will occur.

The more pressing issue here is energy security. As consumption of fossil fuels accelerates towards progress and development, supply decreases, thus energy security is threatened. And as the world runs out of its fuel, though several explorations are still on, exploitation still rises. We are now experiencing an emerging oil shortage.

Secondly, oil and petroleum products, being non-renewable or can be acquired but still millions of years is needed, are not sustainable. Tapping renewable resources might be useful and will be very much advantageous. According to Dr. Schlacter, there are 4 primary sources of energy resources in this world, namely: Solar, Nuclear, Geothermal and Moon/Gravitational. Since summer is now official in the Philippines, why not use it to power up your houses or fuel your cars. Sun’s radiation can be generated to produce electricity using PVC’s or photovoltaic cells. Next is the controversial nuclear energy. Nuclear power plants are now operating in many countries on the world and have proven its efficiency when it comes to power generation. Philippines is ranked second in producing electricity using geothermal energy. This type of energy is extracted from the heat produced by the mantle, a layer on the earth’s interior. Lastly, the gravitational forces produced by the moon. The moon uses gravity to ‘pull’ the earth’s tidal motion. Once motion is created, energy can be generated. Given these possible and potential energy resources, the world predominantly consumes coal, classified as stored solar energy, as its power provider. While hydroelectric power, under gravity/moon category, is yet to be utilized much further. This suggests that we still rely on non-renewable as our primary source of energy.

With the viable and abundant energy producers mentioned earlier, what we could do is to develop and enhance technologies that would produce efficient and sufficient energy without compromising its sustainability and the environmental impacts it would bring. What we need today, in the midst of the climate change concerns, is a source of energy that is significantly sustainable and renewable.

After the discussion, questions from the audience were responded by Dr. Schalcter. I remember one question answered by Dr. Schlacter, one student asked him, ‘Sir, how about lifestyle change?’ where he pertains to a better solution for a sustainable future. The answer of the physicist and I quote: “Changing the way we live is by far the most difficult.” I believe that his answer has yet to proceed to a more admirable reply, that lifestyle change is indeed difficult but is the most effective way to turn to a more sustainable future.

That’s why UP Haring Ibon lives with its motto, ‘Live simply, so others may simply live.’ And this, I say, is the bottom line.


this is not about nene. most especially, this is not about aling dionesia either…

it’s CE 14, or what we, civil engineering majors, usually call as KATORSE. this is my last exam for the year 2009!!! and now, i’m back with vengeance!

i can now do whatever i want: finish reading PANAMA, a novel; jog for the next 5 days; eat 2 heavy meals and 4 snacks on time; get an 8-hr sleep, twice a day; at tumambay. namiss ko rin ang pagtambay sa tambayan (malamang :])

at ang pagiging acad mode this week dahil sa tatlong miserableng exams ay at last tapos na. next is vacation mode…!!!! whoohoooh! (at least pag natapos ko na ang isang mx sa hardcore programming na major namen, hi sir!:D)

hello engg week!

hello lantern parade!

hello christmas vacation!!!

avian archipelago


puno at siksikan, ang huling pasahero ay tumabi sayo. nakaready ka nang umupo sa edge para makamove in sya. but no, hindi pa rin sya umupo ng sagad at ngayon ay pareho na kayong dalawa na nahihirapang isiksik ang pwet sa edge. at tingin mo ay wala rin syang balak mag move inwards, nakakainis di ba?


may isang pasahero na nagaabot ng bayad ngunit ang iba mong katabi ay walang pakialam kaya no choice ka na abutin na lang yun kahit 5 tao ang pagitan nyo. sana sa pagsakay mo sa jeep ay tanggapin mo rin ang social responsibility na mag-abot ng bayad.


the other way around, may nag-aabot ng bayad mula sa pasaherong nasa dulo ng jeep at may isang excited na pasaherong nasa likod ni manong driver na nakaextend na ang kamay at tipong nagpepresenta na siya na lang ang mag-abot ng bayad. excited nga.


bumaba ang maraming pasahero sa isang jeepney stop, ibig sabihin ay maluwag/lumuwag na ang jeep, ngunit ang katabi ay ayaw pa ring umuusog kahit na umusog ka at iparamdam mo sa kanya na umusog na dapat na siyang umusog. medyo nakakainis pag masyado na ata kayong intimate.


in line with that, may isang pasaherong sumakay at naghahanap ng mauupuan. at ang gagawin naman ng iba, uusog sila ng uusog hanggang ang matirang upuan ay yung nasa likod na nag driver. eh pano kung matanda yun o kaya buntis, tsktsk!


sa kabilang banda, may mga taong kebs lang kung may pasaherong sumakay at ang ibang mga nakaupo ay walang balak o ayaw umusog. mas nakakainis kung ikaw yung taong naghahanap ng mauupuan, tsk.


dahil na rin siguro sa ingay ng tao at mga sasakyan, hindi narinig ng driver na pumara ka na 30 segundo na ang nakakaraan. kawawa ka naman, kaya simulan mo nang maglakad pabalik.


pumunta naman tayo kay manong driver, nakakainis pag pumepreno kayo ng halos kada limang segundo, yung tipong magaadjust palang ang mga pasahero pabalik sa original posisyon nila ay pumreno na ulit kayo. mukha tuloy nagcha-chacha ang mga tao sa loob. hay…


at once na pumreno nang matindi si manong driver, lahat ng di alerto ay magugulat, lahat ng di nakahawak ay matutumba, lahat ng natutulog ay magigising, lahat ng nagsasalita ay mapapatigil at higit sa lahat ng pinakamatindi, lahat kayo ay mapupunta sa likod niya! bwisit.


at kung etiquette at dignidad ang paguusapan, maghintay ka na lang kung kelan ibalik ang sukli mo o kaya sabihin mo sa driver na hindi ka pa nasusuklian, hindi yung isisigaw mo pa na ‘MANONG YUNG SUKLI HO NG SAMPUNG PISO!!!’, o di ba nakakahiya. mawawalan ka talaga ng dignidad dude…

nung una buhawi na tumama sa UP campus, sumunod ang h1n1 virus threat on schools in metro manila, tapos ngayon ang nagbabadyang brownout! damn. buti na lang umabot ako sa validation at post advising bago mawalan ng kuryente (kung mawawalan nga sa UP). 

from day 1, june 3, akala ko ay magiging probi ako sa college dahil sa bagsak ko. buti na lang at umabot ang units na naipasa ko last sem. so i’m eligible for enrolment this sem. after almost a week of hardwork (sa paghahanap ng slots ng es 12, ce 14, ce 21), patience (sa paghihintay ng 3-4 hrs a day sa labas ng es dept for the raffle of slots) at faith (na may maaawang prof para magprerog ng dose at magbukas ng bagong section ng ce21), natapos din ako sa wakas. at ngayon ay naghihintay na lang ng lunes para makapagbayad at maging officially enrolled (sana lang ay wala nang mangyari pang aberya para hindi ako makapagenrol!). 

halos pagalitan na lang ako ng advisers at RA’s dahil ang baboy at ang gulo daw ng aking form5a! puro cancellation, palit ng section at prerog para lang maipagkasya ko ang mga subjects na dapat at kelangan kong makuha for this sem, just to make sure na hindi na ako lalampas ng 6 years in UP. heto ang history ng units ko since nirelease ang aking 5a: 

june 3:            crs-enlisted subjects = 15 units (plus cwts-ge)

                        (waiting for ce14, ce21 and es12 slots)

june 4:            ce 132 cancelled = 12 units

                        physics 73 enlisted = 16 units

                        ce 26 transferred to saturday = 16 units

june 5:          ce 21 enlisted = 19 units

                        ce 21 dissolved = 16 units

                        pe-tennis enlisted = 16 units (plus cwts and pe)

june 8:          all-day naghintay for es 12 = 16 units

june 9:          es 12 preroged = 19 units

june 10:        ce 21enlisted = 22 units

                        ce 21 cancelled = 19 units (plus cwts and pe)

 yan. ang husay, just imagine kung gaano ka linis tingnan ang form5a ko. buti na lang hindi ko pa naisulat yung ce 21 ko sa form5 dahil undecided pa rin ako hanggang kaninang 10am kung major ba or arki1 ang icacancel ko. Still, meron pa ring bura don sa form5 ko dahil nagpalipat ako ng sched ng ce26 just to allot that time for es12. but then i decided to give up ce21 dahil: hindi rin yun sigurado as of that moment dahil 13 pa lang kami, at ang minimum ay 15 per class; gusto ko munang mag-ge ulit; baka sumabog na lang bigla ang utak ko dahil sa dami ng aking subjects; at floating  na ang major na yun sa bagong curriculum. 

and for now, eto na aking final and official schedule for the 1st sem, ay 09-10:









07:00 AM – 07:30 AM






CE 26


07:30 AM – 08:30 AM


Physics 73

Physics 73

Physics 73

Physics 73

CE 26  


08:30 AM – 09:00 AM


ES 12 


ES 12 


CE 26  


09:00 AM – 10:00 AM


ES 12 


ES 12 


CE 26  


10:00 AM – 10:30 AM


ES 12 

ES 21

ES 12 

ES 21

CE 26  


10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


ES 12 

ES 21


ES 21

CE 26  


11:30 AM – 12:00 PM






CE 26  


12:00 PM – 01:00 PM



PE – tennis


PE – tennis



01:00 PM – 02:30 PM








02:30 PM – 04:00 PM








04:00 PM – 05:30 PM


CWTS 1 – Engg GE

Arkiyoloji 1

CWTS 1 – Engg GE

Arkiyoloji 1



 goodluck na lang sa ken. ayoko na ng better luck next time. hahaha.

this is a series of four simple trick questions, represent human values and perspectives. do not scroll down and peek for the answers, unless you’ve done guessing. or you’ll find yourselves fooling around…


1. how can you fit a giraffe into a refrigerator?

2. how can you fit an elephant into the same refrigerator?

3. the lion set a meeting for all the animals of the jungle, which animal is absent in their conference?


4. how can you cross a river (without a bridge) full of crocodiles?








































1. open the refrigerator, put the giraffe in, and close the door.

(don’t make things too complicated for you to understand what is being asked, and give your pertinent solution. and besides, the question doesn’t mention how big the ref is.)

2. you just have to take the giraffe out, then put the elephant in.

 (it reflects your character as a solution-seeker and not to give up easily. it shows how you react on problems you didn’t expect to come out.)

3. the elephant definitely doesn’t come, because he’s still in the ref. remember?

 (this test your memory span. think first before you present any irrelevant answers)

4. the best way is to swim.

 (you don’t remember about the meeting in the jungle, do you? the crocodiles can’t guard the river, because they’re in the assembly. well, the most important thing, learn from your mistakes)