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awesome 2011 is awesome ;D

oh well. this is just a condensed recap of the happenings this epic year 2011. and since i have this thought that all of the bloggers out there are about to type in the same words, let me join the club. 😀

(well, thanks to the new Facebook interface – Timeline. this really helped me out making my awesome, awesome list a.k.a. photo gallery.)

and here it goes.



*insert significant event/s here* (i don’t know if i missed some of the events in this month, but i really can’t think of any aside from the usual New Year celeb, resumption of classes, UAAP games and my third year as a vegetarian.)



Valentine’s Day. kthnksbye.

PercPep Concert


ET at Mt. Batulao and Side trip in TagaytayImageImage



Birdwatching at Candaba, Pampanga 😀


Fun Climb at Pico De Loro


UPHI FinComm Committee ET at Tanza, Cavite


ET at PACEM Eco Park




Coastal Clean-up at Tanza, Cavite


Internship at KFC Philippines


Happy Graduation Day Alyssa! 😀


Jo-ann’s Debut at San Pablo, Laguna



April and MayBirdwatching to the max 😀




Coastal Clean-up at LPPCHEA with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines


I started Rock Balancing. o yeah! 😀


here comes the 11-Arriba :]



(June-Septemberfun times with Haring Ibon and Pep Drummers 😀)




11-Arriba’s Apps’ Night


UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2011 | Victory parties | Andrea’s Debut 😀


Basics of the Environment at Manuel L Quezon Elementary School

*insert pictures here* wait, where can i find some??? :/

Y4IT 2011




Community Lecture Seminar at Bgy. UP Campus


at the pseudo-concert of the Black Eyed Peas




*became a member of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines. AT LAST 😀

Fiesta in Angeles City, Pampanga


Tigtigan Street Party at Angeles, Pampanga (pictures plsss..)

get-together ng Marikina peeps :]


Csiy’s epic grad celeb :))


Run for the Pasig River at SM MOA (with the UP Pep Drummers)


BarOps and BeerOps 2011



and the most epic and most awesomest..




craving for Banapple


Marky’s birthday celeb 😀


WBCP Christmas Party


Pailaw 2011, UP Diliman


Save the Saddest Dolphins Road Show at AS Walk, UP Diliman


2nd Ibong Dayo Festival at Balanga City, Bataan (with the WBCP)


PSI Basic Seminar at Soliman Center, Makati City


UPHI Team Building Seminar 😀


PSI Graduation Ceremonies and Christmas Party


Pep Drummers 1st Sem Apps’ Night


UP Pep Squad Christmas Party


The Great Oblation Run 2011 (with the UP Pep Drummers)


post-Christmas get-away at Anj’s place 😀


Club Trip of WBCP at Balanga Wetland Park, Bataan (plus the S.O.C.A of the Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia)




that’s it. there goes the highlights of my 2011.



but wait. i think there’s more.

i left one important thing that happened this epic year. meeting this epic, bipolar person that makes my 2011 the awesomest. 😀 looking forward with this epic person in the upcoming year. :))


that ends everything for this epic year 2011.

(who doesn’t want a much epic, much happier, much exciting, much wilder, much sexier, and a much more abundant 2012??) ;]



i’ve got a few days before enrolment starts again.

i’ve got an internship offer, i think.

i have to work on my own now; no need to bother anyone.

(this may be the last time i have to think thrice.)


i’m considering to file a Leave of Absence in the university.  if i do it, in a matter of days, i have time to work (find a work actually). i’ll earn for myself, without asking anyone for my bills and allowance or shit. i can grab the internship offer and get some tutorial stuff, this i can do without being pressured and devastated by acad life. but i have responsibilities and commitments. i’d be leaving my orgs i consider as my family.  i think it all explains well, for now.

that’s it. i’m torn. now i can feel the relentless pressure and agony inside my head.

it’s so hard to decide for yourself. especially when it will affect others. others means other people, other beings, other minds. you’ll have to consider what others will think. yet, all the decisions will be redirected to you. all (internal and external) factors must be weighed without bias. this way, your pros and cons will appear. then, you decipher it. rationality will come across. which will bring you more convenience? which will just produce more problems? which will give you enough time to think again? at some point, though it’s quite difficult, this enables self-discovery.

now, options have been given. i just have to think more accurately, more responsibly, more as an adult. of course, confusions are always there but you have to focus on your goals and prospects.

if you are about to decide on something big, never compare yourself to others. it will make a mess on your reasoning, on the outcomes and your perspectives. just consider them; what they think and feel, how would it affect them, what are the external circumstances, etc. it’s hard to locate the dividing line between the two. and it all depends on your thinking. make sure you don’t cross that damn line, or else you’ll be dead.

change of plans

it's always good to have a back-up plan.

change of plans.

before, i dreamt of becoming an engineer. just like what my father was (though he’s not a ‘real’ engineer, he worked for a construction firm for 13 yrs, which i think influenced me a lot. i mean, a lot.)

so anyare?

halos 6yrs na ang itinagal ko sa eng’g, at ngayon ay nagbabalak akong lumipat sa Geology (o kaya Geography, pwede ring Econ).


Bakit ngayon pa? Nagti-thesis ka na di ba??’

Onti na lang, Ituloy mo na!’

nang malaman ng iba ang plano ko, ilan sa kanila nagulat, nagtaka. may ilang pinipilit umintindi. NR naman sa iba.

kahit nung una, hesitant pa ko sa desisyon ko. nagda-dalawang isip kung itutuloy pa. sayang actually. nalampasan ko na ang lahat ng ES subjects at ilang majors ng CE, at nagti-thesis na rin. pero parang may kulang, o may hinahanap lang ako. may nararamdaman naman akong excitement sa tuwing magsosolve para sa exam o kahit magbasa lang at magaral. gusto ng bago, curious kumbaga. a typical attribute ng isang UP student. pero ayun, di ako sure kung eng’g ang calling ko. nung una pa lang, interesado na ako sa Geol, lalo na nung nag-Geol 11 ako. kinarir ko yun at nakakuha ng 1.25. ang pinakamataas kong non-major pero required subject. after non, nag-isip-isip na akong mag-shift sa Geol.

tuloy ang buhay. tinuloy ko pa rin ang CE. siguro pride at fulfillment na rin kaya ako nag-stay. kinaya ko ang lahat ng subjects hanggang 6th yr, 1st sem though may mga bagsak (well, normal yun sa isang ‘normal’ na UP student). at ayun, heto na nga. nararamdaman ko na bumibigat na yung kagustuhan kong magshift. ang stupid, pero more of external factors and naka-influence sa pseudo-decision na ito. MGA PROBLEMA. sa mga subjects at profs mismo,sa pamilya, sa org, sa friends at sa sarili ko. ayoko nang mag-elaborate. masyadong komplikado. 😀

tingin ko ganon talaga pag di ka na masaya sa ginagawa mo. maghahanap ka ng mga rason para iwasan ito. hanggang maging excuse na talaga sila ng tuluyan. may isang batchmate na nag-pm sa ken, ‘kaya mo yan! bawal sumuko. tae naman kasi to. dati naguusap pa tayo tungkol sa ce nung math53/54 pa lang tayo‘. (hahaha. nakaka-emo.) oo nga, naaalala ko pa to, sa math building :D. sino bang nagsabing sumusuko ako? alam kong kaya ko ang CE! nagkataon nga lang na hindi ngayon ang tamang panahon. hindi sa ganitong sitwasyon. bilang competitive ako, (at ayokong pinapakita na weak ako) hindi pagsuko ang tawag sa gagawing kong ito. it’s how you call change of plans.

hindi ibig sabihin ng change of plans ay sumusuko ka na sa naging una mong mga plano at balak. pinlano ko ang lahat at binalak makatapos sa 5th yr, 1st sem. kaya ko yon, promise. pero iba ang  mga nangyare eh. intense. external circumstances na hindi ko na-anticipate at walang wala sa mga plano. kaya may change of plans. kaya may plan b. at ito na yun. ang lumipat ng tatahaking landas. unless may goal ka na gusto mong ma-achieve, at ito ay hindi para sa ikakabagsak mo at masaya ka habang ginagawa mo ito, hindi mo pwedeng i-consider na fail ang taong nag-iba ng plano sa buhay. this is for my own good and development, i think.

nagpapasalamat din ako sa mga taong nagsabi ng comments sa itaas. nakahanap pa ako ng rason para idefend ang sarili ko at hindi mawala ang concentration sa pag-iba ng plano. sa mga taong pinipilit intindihan at ako’y naiintindihan, salamat din. i know that despite of this, you still support me. at least alam kong nandyan kayo sa likod ko at handa akong suportahan ano man ang maging desisyon ko.

gusto ko lang ireiterate, contingency plans are made not for the reason that you failed with your plan A but because you see more opportunities and betterment (and success) with your plan B.

plans of change.

random thinking

they look like a colony of ants from afar 😀

there are three things that came into my mind when i saw this.

number one. aside from being anti-social, the guy on the stairs is simply rare. these types of people are somehow special and has a world of their own. i’m not referring to those who have psychiatric/psychological problems. they are the ones who are certainly different from others. he must have been in a hurry, so he took the stairs instead of the escalator. this also proves that he thinks fast and reacts to situations that require critical-but-streetsmart decisions.

number two. see those people piling up, waiting for their turns to step on the escalator?? this shows how overpopulated our world now. the setting must be in a mall; just imagine how these people flock to these public places especially during 3-day sale or holidays!!! one thing more, unlike the man on the stairs, the people who used the escalator do not respond and think fast. the person/s in front of the line should have hurried because the pile is getting longer and longer and longer behind his back. also, the people should have learned that there is a probability that more people will use the escalator since it’s much more convenient than the stairs; and yet they still chose the escalator to go up.

lastly. which is greener? the stairs or the escalator?? the escalator, for this instance, will use more work than normal because of its increased capacity due to these lazy people riding on it. thus, this will also use much electricity. going up using the stairs is also a simple way to stretch those laid-back muscles of yours before it’s too late you realized you’re getting fat.

so that’s it. a picture paints a thousand words. and those are just my intuition and observations.

P.S. i want to know what you think of this graphic, which i got from really. that’s how random thinking works and stimulates your brain. type it in the comments box. 😀

the Icon of Reinvention

nanaig ang kaDILIMAN

”..and still..”

everyone went wild as host Boom Gonzales said these magic words  as he announced the champions in the 2011 UAAP Cheerdance Competition: the UP PEP SQUAD.

Congrats to all the  UP Pep Squad dancers and drummers, coaches, alumni, their family, avid supporters and friends, fellow Iskos and Iskas, and to all the believers of the best cheerleading team in the country!

dead end.

Acads. Friends. Org. Family.



(i can also include ‘love’ here if i’d want to; to redeem myself, i prefer not to.)


First in line, academics.

isang sem na lang at makaka-graduate na ako. pero sa nangyayari ngayon – at sa sitwasyon ko ngayon – it seems like the worst has yet to come. naranasan ko na ang lahat ng downfall pagdating sa acads, pero ito ang pinakamatindi. Matatanggal ako sa CE, at magiging non-major ako next sem. masakit para sa kin, really. pero there’s something inside me na nagsasabing, ‘ok lang yan’. after 5 years of sticking in this course, is this the right time to shift?


Friends. 😀

smileys are used to conceal the real meaning you wouldn’t want others to conceive. i’m happy to have my friends, no doubt. i enjoy them, their company, the way we interact. but i am not actually sure if the feeling is mutual. wala akong kapangyarihan para malaman kung genuine sila o hindi. yun ang masakit na katotohanan para sa isang praning na kagaya ko. ayaw kong isiping user-friendly ang iba, dahil baka mawalan na ako ng tiwala sa kanila. i still believe i have true friends, and i hope this feeling doesn’t vanish.


Org matters.

A UP student releases stress from acads through his/her orgs. kung hindi, tuluyan lang syang lalamunin ng depression. sa org mo makikita ang mga bagong kaibigan, interests at same wavelengths at iba pa. at kung nasa isang advocacy group ka pa, commitment ang mas kelangan. game, eto na. i am not in the position to tell things like this, pero it’s the exact reason behind every advocacy: commitment. wala ng ibang pinanghahawakan sayo ang mga org mo since di naman ito required sa acads o kung saan man. kung wala kang commitment sa pinasukan mo, why join in the first place?


Family first.

i miss my mom. it’s been 3 months since we see each other. she’s the only family that i have. and now she’s gone. hindi ko na nararamdaman ang suporta at alaga ng isang ina. kahit sya lang, masaya na ko. haaayyy. pero anong magagawa ko kung ang kaisa-isa kong pamilya ay meron ng iba?


The Last and the Most.

alam kong emo ako, higit sa lahat, meron din akong ADD, Bipolarity at Memory Gap. pero these do not constitute the real me. sa dami ng stress at frustrations ko, lumalabas ang tunay na ako. at honestly di sya maganda. na-realize kong instead of being uplifted and challenged by these frustrations, lalo akong nada-down. i admit it, i’m weak. the domino effect: i am claiming that i’m a strong person, concealing every fragile part of me. in short, nagpe-pretend. sa ngayon, marami pang naglalabasan pa; kung di matatapos ang period na ito ng buhay ko, mas ibang ako ang makikita ng maraming tao.


dead end.



i hope not.

sabi nga ng isang kaibigan at tinuring ko ng kapatid, ‘problema lang yan’.

it was a good day though.

June 24 will always be a memorable day for me.

But June 24, 2011 is a lot more unforgettable than ever.

The day started with the suspension of classes. Announcements flooded my inbox at around 8am. Luckily, I wasn’t that excited to get ready for my 7am class; because I need at least 2 hours to go through the rituals of going to school.

However, I had to go to Eastwood City, Libis at 10am to submit my schedule of classes as a final requirement for my application in a certain company. Despite the exams and interviews I’ve undergone for the past month, my sched did not fit the available work shifts. If they only told me about the shifts beforehand, I wouldn’t have exerted my time and effort going against the heavy downpour yesterday. And so I decided to stop by in UP.

I was actually planning to go to the library yesterday (since the government offices were also suspended, the library was closed), have lunch with friends, looking forward to seeing them. And because of the weather condition, the only person available that time was Marky. After eating at Sefali, we then parted ways. On my way home, there was something bothering me. I was trying to figure what it could be. Then I realized, I was longing for everyone, everything: the tambayan, the after-school training and my friends. These were the things I desired yesterday, really.

When I finally got home, I realized I forgot to buy my favorite pastime: Tanduay Ice (commercial: “it’s so good, you’ll get hooked.”:D). I shared this to a friend, and she texted back, ‘that sounded so emoshit!’. It’s not emo in whatever way. I just enjoy drinking (and getting tipsy) alone. Hahaha.

My cousins and I watched a movie, CJ7. Enjoying it in the cold weather with a hot choco drink and lots of tinapay was so good. I mean the best.

Then Marky suggested to have ‘e-numan’. At first, it thought it was sabaw,  that I did not grasp what it actually meant. I went to a nearby grocery and grabbed what I was craving for, and some ingredients for our dinner. I bought 4 bottles of Tanduay Ice, and yes, 4 bottles. During dinner, I was in fact drinking the first bottle. I didn’t know if it was already the e-numan session while texting Marky (apparently, he was also drinking in his room. :D).

The rain fell hardly again at 10pm; I was in my 3rd bottle. Everything was fine. I was little tipsy that time and no one in the house noticed I was drinking Tanduay Ice the whole time. Then a knock on the door broke our enjoyment. A neighbor, a bantay-bayan I guess, told us to prepare and pack some of our things as the nearby river started to overflow. Shit. That was my first experience actually. We started to bag some clothes, food and other necessities. My concern was my books, and the last bottle of my booze. 😀 We were told to gather in the chapel, an elevated part of the subdivision. People were flocking on the streets despite the rain. I’m wondering why they’re there. Maybe they were waiting for the worst time to arrive or a progress perhaps. After an hour, the rain finally stopped. The people were calmer; some are going back to their homes from the church. Then, my youngest cousin asked, ‘bakit pa tayo nagligpit ng gamit, wala naming nangyari?’. Hahaha. Forgiven. He’s only grade 4. Nothing is more important in his mind aside from watching tv. 😀


Well, that was what happened last night: a little ‘emoshit’; a little bangag moments; and a little panicking. Nothing unprecedented took place.

And, belated happy birthday to me. 😀

a pair of binoculars for beginners and a digital camera can make you a starter wild bird photographer.

aside from the long-tailed shrike, pied fantail, chestnut munia and cute golden-bellied flyeaters perching on tree branches, i just captured a blurry shot of a cinnamon bittern! coooool! 😀

next item on my bucket list: camera binoculars.

target date: ASAP 😀

what can you do with a pile of scratch papers from your past readings, a paper bag from a coffee shop and a used file folder?


Dinning for Customer Only

DINNING – the act of eating dinner

for CUSTOMER ONLY: they only serve one customer at a time??

Hindi ko alam actually kung anong gagawin ko: tatawa ba ako o sasabihin ko sa kanila na may mali sa post nilang to?? :/